Cleanse, Ground, Radiate

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Cleansing your aura and personal energy regularly is an essential self care act. Whether or not you know it, you come into contact with various people and environments, all of which have their own energy vibrations. Not all of these frequencies are in alignment with yours.

Your energy field is constantly taking in and putting out vibrations, some of the vibrations (including your own thoughts, as well as external influences) are of a lower and will start to create blockages in your energy if left un tended to. While our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, some negative energies can linger and build up over time which is why we created this teaching to give you the tools and understanding of how to use different elements to cleanse, ground and radiate. You will learn and really embody the teaching of intention and the sacred dance of reciprocity and the importance of them. When we understand this we understand ourselves and the power we hold. These teachings help you return to your sovereignty which is your birthright by clearing away all that is outdated, and not yours to hold onto by reclaiming your personal power and unique essence.

Everything has a spirit and when we can connect and come to a place of resonance with gratitude and reverence just that act of deep presence alone can shift energy. We live in a world where everything is so accessible and mainstream that the potency of sacredness is lost. This course really holds that space of presence so we can see the sacredness of all life which then is abundantly reflected back to us.

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“Start date January 10th at 7pm”

Meet your Facilitators

Kristen Kuzyk

Kristen is here to help woman activate what has been sitting dormant, waiting patiently to be remembered. To fully integrate and embody their gifts, their true selves by deeply connecting to their bodies with each other and Mother Earth. To help reclaim what has always been our birth right; to thrive, feel alive and safe within our beautiful bodies.She is devoted to bringing ancient wisdom to the modern age so we can not only survive but thrive. To revolutionize the way we live! It's so time for change.

She has spent most of her life searching for feminine perspective on spirituality and has spent over a decade studying nutrition, energy healing, shamanism, sensual embodiment, qigong, kundalini yoga, Breathwork, stone medicine, herbalism and EFT that has essentially helped to unlayer all the masks society has placed upon her, to really find and return to her sovereignty.

Her offerings give you tools to come home to yourself, to relearn that everything you've every wanted is and has always been inside of you. You are sacred, holy and pure divine magic.

She weaves ancient energetic practices with modern practical methods so you can have a truly embodied experience leaving transformed, empowered, and radiant.

So again her mission is to help bring forth a new reality which is of love, wisdom and divine power and ground this consciousness into existence by holding the space for divine remembrance of our sacred feminine connection and personal power.

So again her mission is to help bring forth a new reality which is of love, wisdom and divine power and ground this consciousness into existence by holding the space for divine remembrance of our sacred feminine connection and personal power.

Michelle McFarlane

Michelle identifies as non-status First Nations from Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Alberta. Her indigenous history was kept hidden due to shame. This filtered down the lineage where it effected her life in various negative ways. She spent the last 10 years healing and reclaiming her power not only for herself but for the ancestors who walked before her. Along the way, and through dancing in the dark, she was able to obtain ancient knowledge to help others in not only reclaiming their OWN power but also to assist in clearing the ancestry lineage. 

Michelle spent 11 years working in healthcare in a variety of roles including nursing, counselling, trauma work, Indigenous advocate, and lastly Indigenous educator for the health authority. Her true passion was birthed as a Trauma Healer after working with a variety of trauma victims and working through her own. Her mission is to help teach and empower individuals to overcome trauma and significantly improve their mind, body, and spirit by accessing their own inner healing abilities. She does this by integrating evidence based, natural, safe, and noninvasive alternatives and complementary therapies and healing modalities designed to release pain and awaken inborn-healing potentials that lie dormant within us and have yet to be explored, understood, and embraced by society at large.

She believes in the innate power of the human being, and honours this gift from the universe by evoking and helping individuals utilize these powers to affect the healing process. She pursues wisdom and acts accordingly while cultivating awareness and understanding concerning individual consciousness AND one’s relationship to Universal Consciousness. Her gentle approach allows you to sink deeper within the self, without judgement or fear, so you can ultimately return home.