Private Cacao Ceremony for individual or Group

Experience the power of ceremonial Cacao, “Food of Gods”. Mama cacao is a guide, a medicine to calm the mind and open the heart. During these ceremonies we will connect to the spirit of her and all the abundance she brings. Cacao also assists in energetic healing and by our intention and prayer bringing in clarity to all areas of our life, by diving deeper into our soul with love and presence. She meets us exactly where we are at in the most delicious and inviting way as we journey through our inner landscape meeting new parts of ourselves with an open and curious heart. Bringing in sweetness into every aspect of our being and life.

As these ceremonies are private we can really focus on a specific intention or area you would like to seek clarity and healing. Are you ready to enter a deep “presence” through the magic of co-creating a sacred space for transformation through creativity, sound, song, prayer,stillness and movement!

Sessions typically run 90-120min with an investment of $144 for individuals, prices will vary with group size(more people the less investment per person).

Please email me to book at Depending on size of group I can travel a short distance.