Shamanic Reiki Session

My passion is to serve and restore balance, harmony, healing and empowerment. There is no separation between who I am and what I do, my sessions are here to remind you to slow down for connection again, to return to who you are by entering a deep presence through the magic of co creating a sacred space for transformation.

Allow me to take you for an experience, my medicine for your soul invites you to be curious, to step into the beautiful mystery of who you are and expand into it.

Each session/ceremony is unique, as I like to say “ I do what needs to be done, in that moment” With the intention of only the highest divine healing and love. I may use a variety of tools, instruments, sounds, guided journey or meditations , plant medicines ( Hape’**see below) and (Cacao **See cacao ceremony) to move energy blocks that are creating disharmony. Some sessions may be more interactive than others, but you will always leave feeling lighter,rejuvenated and grounded in MIND/BODY/SOUL and with empowering tools and messages to serve you on your journey back to self.

Hape’ is a very sacred snuff, made by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Hapé, or rapé,’ is pronounced ‘haa-pay’ in English. It is used for deep connection to the spirits, animals and Mother Nature, it is very cleansing and powerfully healing for the body, mind, and soul.

Hapé is made with small leaves NOT grown for commercialization or genetically hybridized with high amounts of nicotine, thus it has none of the negative properties that commercial cigarettes have. Instead, it is grown and made in deep reverence for the and for Mother Earth. It is a very powerful plant, that has the power to heal, and when abused and not treated with respect, can cause harm. In this way it is a plant that is very revered by the Native people, and is said to be a Grandfather medicine, full of ancient wisdom and the ability to carry our prayers to Creator.

This sacred medicine takes days to make and is a very labor intensive process made in a ceremonial way, out of various Amazonian healing medicinal plants, leaves, trees and seeds from native lands - Four visions Market

Sessions typically run 90-120min, with an investment of $155. Please email me to book at Can be done in person or via distance.