Womb Blessing Ceremony

The 13th Rite: Womb Blessing Initiation Ceremony

The 13th Rite is the Rite of the Womb: "The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

A lineage of women healers from the Amazon Jungle have transcended pain, suffering and Fear have given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. It’s about overcoming Fear, Pain and healing the womb and in turn healing the Planet. This Initiatory Rite came through Marcela Lobos, wife of Alberto Villoldo.

When a woman receives this Rite she heals any pain she is holding from her female lineage. It clears it from her womb and through the lineages. It heals the woman who experienced sexual abuse, and anything demeaning of the feminine power. Also women who have had hysterectomies, by receiving the Rite that center of their womanhood will be healed. Women who have never had children and regret that, women who have had difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, receiving this Rite will cleanse and heal you.

When a man receives this Rite, it will heal his feminine side; heal the relationship with his own mother and with Pachamama. Also when a man has a female partner it will heal her womb as well.

This rite helped me heal the spiritual and emotional connection with my womb space, it helped me assure that my womb was not a place to store fear and especially not a place to store pain.

It’s time to expand into your wholeness and power. For many, because of energetic blockages within the womb that connection of feminine power and energy source has been destroyed, leaving us “disconnected” from the sacredness of our own womb. Most women don’t really think much about their womb space until they get pregnant. Healing this connection can help lead a more empowering life.

At an energetic level the womb is a women's center, the place of her creativity, connection to the earth and to our ancestral lineage. The womb holds our wounds, our sexual experiences and often becomes the storage center of our deepest fears and shame.

At a physical level symptoms include:

At an emotional level there can be a sense of isolation & sadness, disconnection, trauma, heartache, numbness and a sense of loss.

Let’s heal our wombs; let’s heal our mother’s, sister’s, and daughter’s wombs. And in this way bring healing to our Mother Earth."

This Ceremony can be done individually or in Group via distance or in person. The time is anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

The Rite of The Womb is an energetic transmission intended to heal energetic cuts created from physical surgery, personal trauma and pain, and ancestral wounding.

Once you have received the Rite of The Womb, the energetic transmission acts as a seed, which requires cultivation. After you’ve received the Rite, I’ll offer guidance on how you can grow and strengthen the Rite of the Womb within you.

When you receive this Rite, you’re initiated into a lineage of women who have become free beings, by cultivating their feminine power and taking responsibility for being master creators of their personal reality.

During your ceremony, I’ll guide you through an intuitive process to honour the sacred nature of your womb/womb space.

You’ll then receive the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.

We complete your ceremony with a water blessing: programming intention and prayer into water, for your-self and for all of woman-kind.

I am here for after support to answer any questions once you have been initiated via email. I will also be available if you find yourself needing extra support in moving through what may come up through a 1 on 1 session for an additional charge.

Please email alignthrulove@gmail.com to book this sacred ceremony. Total investment $133

With Love and Reverence,