“I am so grateful to have made the journey from Vancouver to Kamloops to attend the Align Thru Love Autumn Equinox Workshop. From the moment of introductions, I felt the energy in the room vibrating so powerfully. Kristen was able to harness this energy and guide us through several meditation and reiki practices. We cried, we laughed, we visualized, we played, and we created. Kristen has truly tapped into the divine and is sharing from her heart, I can hear the wisdom in her voice and words and can feel the love through her presence and touch. I left the workshop feeling loved and supported. I also learned some simple, practical tools that I will definitely become a part of my daily practice. Thank you so much Sister.”
— Shelly I.
“Kristen is a wealth of Goodness! Going to her for energy healing is exactly what I needed to clear all the negativity , to think and feel lighter, brighter and more positive.Not only has she helped with keeping good energy flowing she’s taught me tapping techniques that have helped with my anxiety.

Even from afar she is a huge part of healing and healthy living. She can teach you affirmations and guide you on how to increase your positive energy. She’s a Gem of a person who truly cares. She radiates positive vibes, her energy is uplifting; simply put, you feel goo around her.”
— Debbie B.
“From the first time I met Kristen, I was inspired and drawn to her energy. I immediately booked a treatment with her. I have been so moved in every sense (spiritually, emotionally, and physically) by her treatments, that I can’t stop telling people about my experiences with her. I feel more centred, empowered and clear about my vision for myself since my first treatment. I am so excited to have her as part of my personal development team.”
— Marsha L.
“We have been blessed to work with Kristen at our Brick and Mortar store as she hosted workshops over the past few months. They have been extremely well received and attended, and we have nothing but compliments for her. She has a way of making the students immediately feel comfortable, and shares her knowledge and love freely. We would highly recommend her as a facilitator for any event.“
— Brianne and Calli, Owners of Far and Wide and Makeshift Kamloops
“It is obvious that Kristen is a natural healer upon the first 5 minutes of meeting her and hearing her speak.Not only did I feel an instant connection but her energy is something so strong you can't ignore it. My first distance reiki session with her, in which I was hesitant. Was extremely in tune and intense. She guided me through it and once we were finished we both picked up on the same emotions past, present and future throughout.”

“The baths, are pure magic.You simply enter a trance once you prepare your set up to enjoy one.Give yourself enough time.And relax for the first few minutes. For me, it was a positivity pool of assurance and manifestation. As well as an out of body experience. Spiritually, it connected me to see what I already knew without blocks. Very powerful and very self loving. You owe it yourself to try one, and feel the love that goes into them. Which is what she is all about.”
— Megan I.